Saturday, January 18, 2014


I am honored to announce a recent change to my art career. I was recruited/ accepted to become part of RAW: Salt Lake City. RAW is an Indie Art Co-op where many types of artists (fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, makeup artists, etc.) get to work together and put on incredible shows. There are RAW organizations in over 60 cities all over the world, and each city has one showcase each month. I will be featured in the February Showcase in Salt Lake called Awakening. 

I am going to be showing a few of my larger oil paintings but I will also be selling quite a few relief prints that would look great as art on your walls! To get a view of my portfolio go to my website and click on portfolio. I would love it if you could attend my showcase, to purchase tickets click on this link to my profile on the raw website. Tickets are $15 but if you purchase through the link above the cost of each ticket will be deducted from my cost to rent a space. This is a great opportunity to donate to the arts and to view local artwork of up-and-coming artists in the community. I hope to see you there!

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