Monday, October 6, 2014


Gallery walls have been on the scene for a while now. But sometimes finding just the right arrangement takes time. When we first moved into our home almost 2 years ago I had only 2 of these 6 pieces in my collection. I knew that I wanted to fill in the wall around my television to take away some of the focus from the tv, and I new I wanted a very "art centered" collection, without family photographs or monograms, not because I don't like those, but because they are featured in other parts of my home. 

Over the next year I acquired 2 more pieces, one as a gift from my grandfather, which was done by him years ago, and one at an art fair. With 4 pieces that fit together well I decided to look through my portfolio and find 2 more pieces that would really make the collection pop! I decided that by sticking with the same medium for both I could make the wall look very cohesive. I have a large collection of linocut prints from a class that I took as part of my BFA program and I pulled pieces from those. 

The top left -"Uprising"-and bottom right pieces -"Relief Print 4" are the 2 that I chose, and I decided to frame them differently in chunky black frames to bring solidity to the collection. I am really happy with how my wall turned out. If  you are looking for original art pieces without a huge price tag my prints fit the bill! I have many to choose from to fill in your gallery wall just the way you want. 

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