Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We are officially over half-way through October. Fall is here, so are the pumpkins, and it's time to get those cute pumpkin patch photos! Am I right?

Here is your inspiration for today:

Since my little guy is such a cutie (sorry, mamas have the right to brag) I thought the before picture was pretty great. But with a few quick steps I got it frame worthy in about 10 minutes flat!

1. CROPPING is a must. Try to zoom right in on the good stuff. I made sure I eliminated the path on the left hand side because it draws your eye out of the picture.

2. I almost always SHARPEN my pictures using these Photoshop steps: Filter- Sharpen- Unsharp Mask and these are my go-to settings for portraits: Amount-500, Radius- .2, Threshold-2. And bam! there it is, sharp as ever.

3. My ACTIONS have been speeding things up lately. I used the Pioneer Woman Action Set 2 "Warmer". I love this action because it doesn't change much except it really brightens the photo and makes it appear warm and inviting. You can find the Pioneer Woman Actions here, and I have to say I love all of her actions.

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun getting some fall photos with your little ones and feel free to contact me if you need any help editing!

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